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Our Team

Meet the MES team.

Chris Baker - Managing Director

Chris is the founder and Managing Director of Mechanical & Electrical (Special Projects) Ltd and is responsible for the overall strategy and business development of the company, client liaison, logistics and operations.

With excess of 40 years experience in the construction industry, Chris' ‘hands on’ technical background and outstanding management skills has resulted in the company being at the forefront of the industry in terms of quality and innovation. 

For initial contact please e.mail:  chris.baker@mes-sp.com

Peter Turbefield - Contract Director

With over 40 years experience in the construction industry, Peter has been associated with the company since its formation. He is responsible for all contractual elements, from estimating to final delivery at the client’s satisfaction, including procurement, quantity surveying and financial control.

For initial contact please e.mail: peter.turbefield@mes-sp.com

Kelly Simpson - Company Secretary

As Company Secretary, Kelly has an active role within all aspects of the business. Her day to day role primarily consists of varied works within our accounts department, bought ledger, sales and general office management.

Kelly is also responsible for maintaining all legal documentation and formalities for the company.

For intial contact please email: kelly.simpson@mes-sp.com

Dan Sayer

For intial contact please email: dan.sayer@mes-sp.com